I'm A Simple Woman t-shirt

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Nice design I’m A Simple Woman women’s tank top and t-shirt

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I’m a simple
 girl that loves simple things…like snow. Those little flakes make me so happy. Take a moment and be grateful for this beautiful world and all it has to offer, like tiny little white snowflakes. Life is beautiful!! I’m as pleased tonight as I was disappointed on this night eight years ago. To my Republican friends: Don’t worry too much, the pendulum of American politics will continue to swing. Americans, on the whole, are pretty good at keeping things chugging along, more or less, right down the middle. For as entertaining as the crazies are on the extremes of both sides, I believe most people, in their hearts, are pragmatic and reasonable enough to keep things at an even keel.

I'm A Simple Woman women's tank top
women’s tank top

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