Is this jolly enough grumpy t-shirt

Posted 30 Tháng Mười Hai, 2018Comments are off | THỜI TRANG

Is this jolly enough grumpy t-shirt and sweatshirt

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Is this jolly enough grumpy sweatshirt

To do everything on impulse, that would be a cool and luxurious life. It’s like I am the Asian dirty jobs guy, except I just don’t do dirty jobs, I do whatever the fuck my mind thinks and says. I wish I can do that, then I truly get over my anxiety cause I’d do whatever the fuck i want at impulse. That’s what will happen when I make my millions I use it all up fucking around on other jobs and careers yep that seems cool. Which is weird for how paranoid this should get me…. Is this jolly enough grumpy. I’m more paranoid over the fact that I always go back to music and then I get in fear knowing I’m not good right now, not enough demos, progress is going to slow, and fearing I’m going to fail myself as a music producer.


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