Apparently We're Trouble When We are Together Who Knew shirt

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Apparently We’re Trouble When We are Together Who Knew shirt

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The Tungus peoples consider Siberian tigers to be an almost god and often call it “He” or “Old Man”. The Udege and Nanai call it “Amba”. The Manchu considers the Siberian tiger “Hu Lin”, the king. Apparently We’re Trouble When We are Together Who Knew shirt. In Hinduism, god Shiva wears and sits on tiger skin. Ten armed warrior goddess Durga rides the female tiger (or female lion) Damon into battle. In southern India, Ayyappan is associated with a tiger. In language and art, people still use tiger images with many famous works with the presence of tigers. In some other areas, especially the modern military sector, there is a huge presence of tiger images with the symbol of the power of armed units, weapons.


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